Smooth edges in solidworks

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What's New in CAMWorks 2022. HCL CAMWorks 2022 automates Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming and is the most advanced CAM software available on the market. CAMWorks2022 combines feature-based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, rules-based machining, and tolerance-based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology.
Burr is a rough remainder of material outside the ideal geometrical shape of an external edge, or a residue of machining or of a forming process (Fig. 22.1). Undercut is a deviation inside the ideal geometrical shape of an internal or external edge (Fig. 22.1). Passing is a deviation outside the ideal geometrical shape of an internal edge (Fig ...
on the solid edge, add a draft onto the solid faces, Hollow the solid, offset faces C. Transformation Features: Change the 3D position of the solid, duplicate the solid by mirroring/ patterning, scale up/down the solid D. Surface-Based Features: Split the solid with a surface/plane, adding material onto surfaces
Hidden Lines Visible Displaying a Model in Shaded With Edges View To display a model in Shaded With Edges view, do one of the following: Click Display Style > Shaded With Edges (Heads-up View toolbar). Click Shaded With Edges (View toolbar). Click View > Display > Shaded With Edges. Search 'Shaded With Edges' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.